Sunday, 23 December 2012

Register now for Worlds Public Speaking 2013

We proudly announce the opening of the registration for the Worlds Public Speaking Competition 2013 in Berlin. As always, all Worlds speakers and adjudicators are eligible to participate as speakers or judges. The Chief Adjudicators are Kimera Chetty (South Africa) and Mathias Hamann (Germany).

The competition has a preliminary round on December 28th 2012 and a Grand Final on January 2nd 2013.

The general topic of this year's Public Speaking is "Embracing Dissent", the motto of Berlin Worlds. Each contestant will be given an individual and slightly more specific topic to prepare in 15 minutes. Contributions are up to 7 minutes in length.

Public speaking is a great platform for orators of every creed. Participants are invited to engage in classical Public Speaking but also very welcome to choose from a wider range of creativity. The panel of judges will be rating performances in terms of content (meaningful contribution to the topic) and style (to which degree did the performance rock/sadden/rhyme/make us laugh). Feel free to do reflection, comedy, poetry... – and sign up now.

To sign up please fill in this form by December 27th, 10 p.m.

If you would like to judge Public Speaking, please email Kimera and Mathias and indicate briefly how you think the speakers should be assessed. We will announce our judging panel for the preliminary round once we have selected the panel.

The CAs are looking forward to open the Worlds Public Speaking Competition 2013 on December 28th, right after breakfast at the TU.

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