Saturday, 29 December 2012

Dec 30th Preview and Important Remarks

8:15 a.m. - That is the point in time by which we would love to have scanned your badge at the TU. If you are so kind to make that happen, we can start round 4 by 9:15. The Tab Room is working hard to make sure we have the fairest tournament possible and we have to grant them the time needed.

All the following events take place consecutively and as soon as the respective preparations have been accomplished. We will keep you posted throughout the day. The exact times depend particularly on the check-in issue mentioned above (we repeat: 8:15).

Transfers to the TU:
07:00: Interconti → 07:10 HBB → 07:30 TU
07:30: Interconti → 07:40 HBB → 08:00 TU

Breakfast: 7:15-9:00 (so you have plenty of time to enjoy breakfast after check-in)

The rest of the day:
Round 4, lunch (about 1 hour), round 5, coffee break, round 6, dinner.
That's all happening at the TU, just like today.
Then you have the opportunity to freshen up at your hotel (we offer transfers), after which we have the Berlin Underground Party waiting for you (Brunnen 70). There are also transfers between hotels and social. The entrance is free between 21:00 and 23:00 and costs 10 EUR after that. Between 22:30 and 00:30 we offer transfers back to the hotels.

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