Saturday, 15 September 2012

Updates on general registration and scholarship

These are partially crucial security updates on the WUDC Berlin 2013 Scholarship and the general Berlin Worlds registration.


The full-payment deadline was last week. Participant Affairs has been busy sorting things out ever since. In the upcoming two weeks we will do three things: 

First, we will confirm all institutions that have made their payment on time in FastRego, our online registration system. This kicks off the last registration phase. We kindly ask you to fill in the participants' details into FastRego by October 21st 2012. If you don't do that we will not know and cannot take into account your dietary requirements, your roommate preference, the excursion you would like to book, your language status and many more important things.

Second, we will change your balances in FastRego to reflect the actual amount of money that has arrived on our bank account. Unfortunately a large number of you have not included transaction fees in their payment and will have to pay that open balance upon arrival here in Berlin in cash. Note that all speakers of institutions that have not paid their respective open balance by the end of December 28th, will not be able to compete on December 29th. Your institution representative will receive an automatic message from FastRego once we have updated that.

Third, we may be able to grant slots to the institutions on the waiting list. But we will only know after we have sorted out the payments. Please stay tuned if your institution is on the waiting list. Participant Affairs appreciates your patience and thanks you!


The application period for the WUDC Berlin 2013 Scholarship ended last night and programme coordinator John Eltringham reports the receipt of hundreds of emails, apparently containing more than 700 applications. We are happy that our efforts find this kind of appreciation.

Please be patient with us as the programme officers are working their way through the mountain of mail. They are concerned with evaluating each application with the appropriate attentiveness, which will take them a while. If you have applied, you will definitely get a response. When this process is completed, we will post a note about it. We kindly ask you to wait with questions regarding your application until then.

Entering the last registration phase, we are getting excited to welcome you all so very soon to beautiful Berlin!

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