Sunday, 2 September 2012

Save the date: Worlds Public Speaking and Worlds Masters'

We are currently in the process of recruiting Chief Adjudicators for the Public Speaking competition as well as the Masters' Cup at Berlin Worlds. As soon as we are done with that, we will give you some more details. However, we would like everybody to be aware of these two interesting side-events as soon as possible.

Public Speaking is open to all participants of our Worlds, speakers and adjudicators. It has come in a variety of forms over the years and we will change it once more to give a rather trendy twist. It should be fun to compete in or to watch.

The Masters' Cup is a debate competition for the adjudicators of Worlds. They shall, as the WUDC Constitution prescribes it, compete in "teams representing their country of origin". The format in Berlin will be a simplified version of Wartburg, a German specialty requiring countries to draft three speakers for their national teams and determining the opening side by lot at the beginning of each debate.

Incidentally, this is where things are getting interesting: Wartburg is not the format but the location of the German Masters' competition. The Wartburg is a UNESCO World Heritage castle, overlooking the town of Eisenach in the state of Thuringia. In that town and with a final on that castle, the German association of debate alumni DDG holds its annual Masters' Cup. Our photo shows Berlin Worlds Tab Master Jens Fischer speaking there.

For the time being, Communications Director Manuel Adams is the one to be addressed with any issues regarding the two side-events.

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