Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Last registration phase is opening

We have begun to confirm institutions to the last registration phase on FastRego yesterday. Please check with your institution representative to make sure your details get in there by October 21st 2012. All data provided after the deadline cannot be taken into account and we will not be able to accommodate your wishes and needs.

Dietary Requirements
Note that your decision is final. The option chosen by you here will be the only one available to you at Worlds.

If you want a say in whom you will be sharing a room with, let us know your top three preferences and we will do our best.

Choose from our excursion page. You will be able to book an excursion on site in Berlin as well, but your choice will be very much limited.

Language Status
Have a look at the previous post about language. It is very important that you indicate your language status so our Language Review Committee can take it into account.

If you let us know when and where you arrive in Berlin, we will be able to plan welcome and transfer better.


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