Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Berlin Worlds registration update VII

Your institution representative has received the following email from Participant Affairs:

Dear institution reps, 

We are currently in the process of sorting out payments and calculating the amount of teams and adjudicators that will be allocated to institutions on the waiting list.

For institutions that have paid:

We will be confirming payment in the FastRego System by Friday. If you have paid but do not receive an automatic email from FastRego by Friday midnight Berlin time, please contact us immediately. If you do not receive an email by then, we have not received your proof of payment. Institutions that have not been granted a rare exception and from whom we have not received proof of payment will be cut and their team and adjudicator spots allocated to institutions on the waiting list.

For institutions on the waiting list:

We will begin granting free team and adjudicator spots to institutions on Saturday according to the published order of registration. We can only grant team and adjudicator spots to institutions that have created an account with FastRego. If there are any institutions seeking team spots who have not registered with FastRego, these institutions should do so immediately. To do this please click on “Sign up”, enter your personal data and manually add your institution to the institution register (there is a link at the bottom of the institution list!).

Institutions not registered with FastRego by Saturday will forfeit their place on the list of allocations.

Institutions allocated spots in this phase of registration are expected to make the down payment and upload their screenshot of the proof of payment by June 2nd 2012. Bank data can be found in a previous post. Special requests or concerns should be addressed in a timely manner to


John and Dessislava


  1. Is the payment deadline for institutions that were on the waiting list still ending by June 2nd?

    We received an email pushing the deadline to June 9th, but considering that we are only bringing one team and one adjudicator (they were allocated on the 26th) and also that we don't have any "additional teams and adjudicators", does this deadline change apply to us?

    João Francisco Sá
    Sociedade Debates Académicos Lisboa

    1. Participant Affairs answers:
      The only deadline right now for teams that have received additional slots from the waiting list last week is June 9th. By that time each institution should have paid 50% of their total amount due.


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