Thursday, 17 May 2012

Berlin Worlds registration update VI

Do not forget to pay! 
The deadline for down payments is next Tuesday, May 22nd. Make sure your institution representative has uploaded the required screenshot by then onto FastRego. Otherwise you lose your ticket to Berlin.

Expect further slots! 
Judging by the number of institutions that have signed up on FastRego, it looks like we will be able to allocate further team slots to quite a few institutions on Wednesday, May 23rd. So, please, stay tuned, make sure someone check the mailbox of your contact address and be ready to make a second down payment within a week.

Observe the observer policy! 
Our observer policy will be published after the down-payments phase. Those of you who are required to have an observer accompanying you will be granted at least one observer slot. Most likely we will be able to accommodate all prospective observers.


  1. Is this tournament a scam? I can't get anyone to respond to my emails, and no one seems to care that the SWIFT code(BIC) listed here incorrectly points to a Commerzbank branch in Frankfurt. My bank won't transfer the money with this conflict. PLEASE RESPOND!!!

  2. Hi Dan,

    We are sorry for any inconvenience you may have experienced. However, there seems to be no problem with the bank details we provided.

    The account number, BIC and IBAN provided are correct. While the managing branch is located in Berlin, the Commerzbank itself is headquartered in Frankfurt. All branches of the Commerzbank throughout Germany, except for two in Berlin, have the swift code COBADEFFXXX. This is, in any case, the information provided to us by the Bank.


  3. The bank address you wish us to send the money to is in Berlin. The SWIFT code is for Frankfurt. These two do not match. My bank does not like this. Please advise.

    Do you have a contact phone number?

  4. I'm facing Dan's problem. I find what the bank told you to be strange, since it doesn't appear to be true that all Commerzbanks feature the same swift code, at least if this list is right: .

    Because of extenuating circumstances out of my control, I had to wait until the last minute to make the payment, which shouldn't be a problem, since wire transfers aren't incredibly difficult. However, the information provided was such that my bank couldn't make the payment (and this wasn't the case of, "well, this address and BIC don't match, which means the money could get lost," it's that they couldn't make the system take the payment), and I don't understand why that'd be the case if Commerzbank said it would be able to go through. I recognize this means I'm going to lose my spot, which I guess I'll have to live with, though this does leave me quite disappointed in this whole ordeal.

    1. Hi Brice, Dan solved the problem. Please send any documentation to as Participant Affairs can't work with comments on this blog. Thanks.

    2. I sent an email addressing my problem to this email address now. Thank you.

  5. Brice - I discussed this problem with my bank. They entered the Frankfurt SWIFTcode first, which automatically generated the address for the Frankfurt Commerzbank branch. The teller then added a note in the system saying payment is meant for the Berlin branch. Seems to have worked. Good luck!


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