Thursday, 3 May 2012

Berlin Worlds registration update IV

Important: Please make sure your institution representative is aware of this!

Dear All,

we have started processing the data in the FastRego System. Institution representatives should please check their FastRego account as the number of teams and judges granted will be shown there. You can also find the total amount of euros you have to pay there. The down payment of 50% of that total amount is due by May 22nd. You will receive the bank account details in the next days. You can only complete phase 2 of the registration and make the down payment if you are in FastRego! Not signing up will eventually result in your institution losing its slots! 

Kind regards,

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  1. Dear Organizers,

    I have created a fastrego account for my institution(Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay). However I have not received any response from fastrego telling me how many team/adjudicator slots have been granted and the amount that is due to be paid by 22nd May. I had made the account 2 days ago. What could be a possible solution?


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