Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Jan 2nd Preview

There are transfers from 8:00 and there is breakfast at the TU from 8:30.

We wanted to make all out-rounds consecutive in order to maximize audience turnout but after finding out there will be EFL Quarter-Finals that is, alas, no longer possible.

The times below are for the respective draws. All rounds will be started in the Audimax, with debates beginning at least 15 minutes later. Streams will be available on wudcberlin.com/live/.

Open Double-Octo-Finals: 9:00
ESL Quarter-Finals: 11:00 (transfer at 10:30)
EFL Quarter-Finals: 11:00 (transfer at 10:30)
   Lunch: 12:30 - 14:00
Open Octo-Finals: 13:30
EFL Semi-Finals: 15:00
Open Quarter-Finals: 17:00
   Dinner: 17:30 - 20:00
Masters' Cup Grand Final: 18:30 (also at the TU)

The Public Speaking Grand Final takes place at the social. Note that WUDC participants do not need to have a Yucca ticket in order to join the fun. Please came along and watch. We are asking the finalists to be there by 21:30. We are starting right after the Worlds Semi-Final Break announcement.

The social's location is a place called "Prestige" (Mehringdamm 30, U-Bahn station "Mehringdamm"). The party is open to all. A ticket is required for Yukka only. We open at 21:00.

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