Wednesday, 17 October 2012

WUDC Berlin 2013 Scholarship update

To all WUDC Berlin 2013 Scholarship applicants:

We are receiving your messages asking for updates and we would love to move forward rather today than tomorrow. We are sorry the waiting period turns out to be way longer than expected.

The first reason for the delay is a positive one: some 600 persons have submitted formally correct applications, which are many more than anticipated. We are happy that our efforts find this kind of appreciation, although it took us a long time to evaluate each of them with the appropriate attentiveness. Secondly, the allocation of funds is a complex business. Despite, and because of, the generous grant from the Open Society Foundations we are obliged to move prudently for the sake of this important programme. We are determined to find the best possible solution for this and all ensuing technicalities.

And no, we cannot set a date yet. We understand your situation and proceed as fast as possible. As we said earlier: If you have applied, you will definitely get a response. When this process is completed, we will post a note about it.


  1. dear sir,

    as i noted from your post, you said every applicants will definitely get a response. Would it be at the end of the whole process, or would it be as soon as we sent the application? Because it left ambiguity there. me and my teammate sent our application before September 14th, Berlin time, yet we have receive no notification or response, so we are wondering whether our application is accepted or not, as technicalities issues may happen due to our country lame internet connection.

    1. Hello, we mean to say you will get a response in the future. So far, no emails have been dispatched to applicants.


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