Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Essential reminders

Three very important points.

1. Open balances: Lots of institutions will have to pay a small open balance in cash upon arrival in Berlin. It is paramount that you settle any open balance you may have on December 27th/28th, i.e. before round 1. If you or your institution fail to do so, your teams will not be able to compete until the balance is settled. We will post and send you the up-to-date balance overview at the end of next week. Note that the one from FastRego is out-dated.

2. Visa: Please get informed about visa regulations asap! If you need a visa, also have a look at the information about "Schengen". It may turn out to be easier for you to get a Schengen visa from a non-German embassy. Then: If you need any paperwork from us, contact us quickly! We understand how important it is for you to receive the right documents but if you contact us last minute, we cannot guarantee for anything.

3. Independent adjudicators: You should have received an email about your online boarding process. If you have not, please contact Head of Registrations Teresa Widlok.

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