Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Berlin Worlds registration update X

Registration fee reminder: Institutions have until September 4th 2012 to pay the remaining balance. Failure to settle the full payment will result in teams, institutions and/or judges losing their slots. Institutions on the waiting list will be notified by September 6th as to whether they have been allocated slots. These institutions will have until September 13th to provide their full payment. Any fees paid during this period will not be refunded.

As for the payment procedure, the same rules as for the down payment apply: You are responsible for covering the costs of the transfer. Make sure to tell your bank that you will be paying any fees associated with the transfer or the conversion of currencies. After you have completed the transaction please make a screenshot or scan the payment confirmation and upload it onto the FastRego System by September 4th.

 We will, once again, be very strict in enforcing the deadline!

If you have any questions, please email Participant Affairs.

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