Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Information regarding Berlin Worlds registration

Here are a few minor changes and additions to the Berlin Worlds registration information. They have been incorporated on our website.

Independent judges: The registration for independent judges opens after phase 2 of the institutional registration process and not – as originally planned – in phase 1. As always, anyone may apply to become an independent judge. Our Adjudication Core will identify the most qualified applicants and ensure inclusiveness but we will also have a look at the funding applicants require. So, please, try to secure funding before you apply. A call for applications will be up in due time.

n-1 becomes >n-2: In phase 1 you may register as many adjudicators as you wish but at least n-1. That means you are not required but allowed to register judges if you register only one team. From the second team on you need to register at least one judge for each team. We guarantee you get the number of judge slots required under n-1 and we will allocate further slots up to our cap of 240 institutional judges.

 Soon on this blog: all the rules concerning eligibility of speakers and institutions.

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