Monday, 3 October 2011

Feedback stage of Deputy Chief Adjudicator appointment process

To the International Debating Community,

We hope you are all well and as excited as we are about the upcoming World Championship at De La Salle!

Over the past several weeks we have received a number of very strong applications for the position of Berlin Worlds Deputy Chief Adjudicator, and we would now like to open the feedback stage of the appointment process. We affixed a list of the candidates below along with their institutions (past and present).

We encourage all members of the international debating community to give feedback—both positive and negative—on as many candidates as they feel able to assess. Your comments will play an important role in our decision as to which DCAs we appoint. As we outlined in our call for applications, we are looking for candidates with the following abilities:
  1. Organisational Ability: Is the candidate a capable administrator and organiser? Do they work well as part of team? When part of adjudication teams, do they rank, promote, and break judges on the basis of merit? 
  2. Skill as an Adjudicator: Is this person a top adjudicator, scrupulous in reaching the correct decision and willing to invest time in quality feedback? 
  3. Skill as a Motion-Setter: Does the candidate set motions that are fair and fun to debate?
While we cannot accept anonymous feedback, we can assure you that your comments will remain strictly confidential, viewed only by the two of us. Please ensure that all feedback is sent to both
  • and
before the end of October 25th 2011.

With Best Wishes,
Sharms and Doug

The List in reverse alphabetical order:

Alex Worsnip (Yale University, Oxford University)
Benjamin Woolgar (Oxford University)
Michael Saliba (University of Stuttgart, Oxford University)
Paddy Rooney (Kings Inns, London School of Economics, University College Dublin)
Manos Moschopoulos (University of Athens, Deree College)
Josh Martin (University of La Verne)
Thoriso M-Afrika (Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University)
Isabelle Loewe (University of Bonn)
Stephen Llano (St. John's University)
Shengwu Li (Stanford University, Oxford University)
Andreas C. Lazar (University of Stuttgart)
James Kilcup (Loyola Marymount University, University of Alaska, Seattle University, Utah State University)
Frank Hardee (North London Collegiate School Jeju, Buckingham University, Oxford University)
Victor Finkel (Monash University)
Tasneem Elias (Qatar Debate, International Islamic University Malaysia)
Bronwyn Cowell (University of Sydney)
Stephen Boyle (University of Vermont, University College Dublin)
Thomas Ball (Durham University)


  1. Thoriso M-Afrika has the following competencies; organizational and excellent adjudicating skills. She also has the ability to take decisions that everyone considers free and fair, in a very close contest. Nigeria Debate, therefore recommends her for this position.

  2. I've watched Tasneem debate ,and she was amazing; she has the skills, as well as the experience since she organized, as well as train debaters around the world. I interacted with her durning our participation in training debaters back in Qatar. I saw how devoted she was to her tasks as well as helping others with theirs'. That's why i would highly recommend her

    Rose Qassab


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